Cloud Software

Cloud Software

Powerful business software that streamlines collaboration and increases productivity.

Microsoft 365 for BusinessMicrosoft Office Suite, OneDrive, Skype for Business and more - on any device.

Microsoft 365 software is hosted in the cloud, so it doesn’t use your computer’s power, resources or storage. All the included applications are available to all your employees for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

Transform how you do business.

With everyone on the same platform, it’s quick and easy to have interpersonal contact and collaboration. And, Office 365 includes all of the essential, powerful applications your business already uses and makes them available on your computer, tablet and smart phone so you aren’t glued to your desk.

Save time and money.

Office 365 avoids having to purchase costly licenses for individual copies of Microsoft Office products. With Office 365 for Business, everyone can have access to the entire Office 2016 suite. And, the software is run via the cloud, so it never takes up space or resources on any of your devices.


Microsoft Azure allows you to bring nearly any piece of software into your business’ own private cloud, with support for more than 3500 applications. This means you can get rid of the old clunky hardware and huge equipment rooms. All of your essential tools are run off-premise in secure data centers, which also means they are available at any time on any device, and you don’t have to worry about equipment failures or power outages.

Get rid of clunky hardware.

All your business’ essential software – CRMs, invoicing, project management, database and more – is hosted off-site in a secure data center, eliminating the need for huge rooms filled with expensive equipment and hardware. This saves your business time, because you don’t have to wait for extensive systems to be installed at your office–access your tools instantly via the cloud. This also saves your business money by letting the cloud do all the heavy lifting, meaning your business’ resources aren’t drained.

Get big savings.

Hosting all your software on the cloud allows your business’ employees to work more efficiently, with faster and more reliable access to essential software tools. Spend less time setting up and installing and more time getting things done. Maximizing your efficiency will save your business money. In addition, save thousands over traditional on-premise hardware because your business no longer pays for servers, hard drives, networks, licenses or electricity to power all of that hardware.